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Mediation Skill Set (CHCSS00110) Short Course

Mediation Skill Set (CHCSS00110) Short Course

Gain an accredited mediation skill set with our intensive short course.

Through our intensive course, you’ll learn to facilitate mediation, within a structured and facilitated negotiation process and framework for resolving disputes.

This course will enable you to:

  • gain the practical skills needed to be a mediator - an independent and impartial person who assists people in conflict to generate options, negotiate agreements and resolve disputes.
  • develop knowledge and skills of the mediation process, and how to apply these when working with clients, customers and colleagues, including across workplaces and community settings.

This course provides nationally recognised training and assessment for a Mediation Skill Set (CHCSS00110) through the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Upon successful completion of this course, students are eligible for entry into the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution as a pathway to becoming a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Participants can also elect to undertake an additional day of assessment to become an accredited mediator, in accordance with the national practice standards set by the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). The cost for this additional assessment day is $787.

This course offers:

  • An interactive learning experience with online and face-to-face blended learning solutions – engaging where you ask questions and interact and, see skills demonstrated and practice first-hand
    Highly-experienced trainers, practitioners, clinicians and facilitators with experience in corporate, family and community mediation
    A leading provider of mediation and dispute resolution services for over 30 years, we continue to deliver both funded and unfunded services

Upcoming course dates/times

October 2021

  • 18 October: Online materials available, introductory webinar 10am to 11:30am AEDT
  • 9, 10, 11 and 18 November: Face-to-face workshops in Camberwell, 9am to 5pm AEDT daily
  • 15 November: Assessment day (optional) in Camberwell


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Relationships Australia Victoria is an RTO (registration code 21977), providing nationally-recognised courses.

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Please see 'Upcoming course dates/times'

$4802 (does not include optional assessment fee)
Blended online and face-to-face delivery in Camberwell, Victoria, Wurundjeri Country
Download the course flyer [PDF, 402KB]

More information

Do you have a burning question you would like to ask about this course before enrolling?
We offer 45-minute Learn More webinars, during which our experienced course facilitators provide information about this course, address any questions you may have, and assist you to make a decision about applying.

Those interested in learning about resolving disputes and conflicts in their workplace or personal life, those who want to start a career as a mediator and those who require an entry pathway into the CHC81115 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution or further mediation accreditation.

You’ll start by completing a series of online modules, which will include readings, interactive activities, demonstrations, video presentations and collaborative learning, to provide you with the theory and knowledge required to move on to practical activities.

These online modules should take you two days, or approximately 14 hours, to complete. This will vary based on your learning style.

You’ll then attend four days of face-to-face workshops, involving a range of interactive activities designed to maximise your learning and enable you to develop mediation skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Our highly-experienced trainers will be available during the course to provide additional learning and feedback opportunities.

The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to:

  • understand the theory and practice of the mediation process
  • assess if a conflict is suitable for mediation
  • facilitate the mediation process
  • understand how mediation can be applied in a variety of contexts
  • respond to specific issues that may arise in the process (for example, family violence)
  • assist parties to document mediation agreements.

Develop practical vocational skills by learning the micro-skills required for mediation and through simulated client mediation sessions. Assessment activities are online and face-to-face throughout the course.

Online learning

Mediation overview

  • ADR models
  • Facilitative mediation
  • Characteristics of a facilitative mediator
  • NMAS standards

Mediator skills

  • Communication skills
  • Mediation strategies
  • Ethics and self-care
  • Complexities in mediation

Mediation process

  • Process stages
  • Pre-mediation
  • Mediation formats
  • Agreements

Culture and mediation practice

  • Attitudes to conflict and conflict resolution
  • Expectations and communication differences
  • Process decisions

Face-to-face workshops

  • Practical activities
  • Knowledge and skill consolidation
  • Simulated mediations with NMAS accredited coaches

Assessment day

  • Simulated client mediation sessions
  • Assessors to observe and identify required micro-skills for mediation
  • Successful completion enables NMAS accreditation

Gain a statement of attainment for CHCSS00110 Mediation Skill Set.

  • CHCMED001 Prepare for Mediation
  • CHCMED002 Facilitate Mediation
  • CHCMED003 Consolidate and Conclude Mediation

Astrid Horter is the Program Leader FDR and Mediation Training at RAV. She holds tertiary qualifications in law and psychology and is an experienced mediator, FDRP and child consultant. Astrid coordinates RAV’s Graduate Diploma of FDR, Mediation Training Short Course, and delivers training for RAV and external organisations. Astrid has extensive experience working in community organisations as a clinical supervisor, trainer and manager.

Lilia Szarski is an accredited mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP) and experienced trainer, including of our Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Lilia is also a clinical supervisor and registered psychologist.

"I really enjoyed the course. It was delivered with a mix of activities/role plays and information. Very clear and in depth."

"All the theory is relevant, and the role playing outcomes are all the things I will be applying to my new career in mediation."

To register your interest, please complete the form below.

Once you have registered for this course, our training team will contact you to provide confirmation of your enrolment.

Recognition enables students to have their existing skills and knowledge relating to FDR acknowledged and status granted where appropriate. This is available for people with extensive and relevant experience in family law, mediation, counselling or family and domestic violence.

To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you will need to provide evidence of the competencies needed for FDR by completing the RPL Application and Assessment Form, which is available from the RAV Training Team. Please also refer to the RTO Program Manual.

From 1 January 2015, students undertaking nationally accredited training with RAV (i.e. enrolling into VET courses) will need to set up a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and provide this to RAV’s administration team via email. RAV is required to record and verify a USI for each student.

More information and assistance in applying is available from the USI website and via the links below.

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