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Men's Behaviour Change Program (Cranbourne North)

Men's Behaviour Change Program (Cranbourne North)

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is a program for adult men who have used violent or controlling behaviour towards women and/or children.

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program aims to:

  • Encourage men to take responsibility for their use of family violence
  • Provide an opportunity for men to explore attitudes and beliefs that may influence their use of violence
  •  Increase men’s understanding of the impact of their use of family violence on their partners and/or children
  •  Assist men in making changes towards developing safe and respectful relationship with their partners and children

Is it time for change?

In your relationship with your partner or former partner:

  • Have you often criticised, called them names, put them down in front of others or said things to frighten them?
  • Have you hit, punched, slapped, pushed or shoved them, or pulled their hair?
  • Have you made threats of physical violence, such as threatening to throw something, use a weapon or hit them, or threatened a pet?
  •  Have you pressured or forced them to have sex when they didn’t want to?
  •  Have you been extremely jealous such as unfairly accusing them of paying too much attention to another person?
  • Have you controlled your shared finances, so they are dependent on you or prevented them from using money for their own purposes?
  •  Have you not let them do something they wanted to do, such as meeting up with friends or working?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time for change.

If you’re ready to take responsibility for the way you’ve been acting, an MBCP can help show you how to relate to your family in healthy and positive ways.

Getting started

Call our Cranbourne North Centre to arrange a time for an assessment where you will have a one-on-one interview.

This will involve talking about what has been happening in your family and relationships, telling you more about the program and helping you identify the behaviours you want to change.

Program staff will also make contact with your family to offer support and any assistance they might want. We do this because people exposed to family violence need support.

Please note: You must attend an assessment session before joining the program.

Contact us

Cranbourne North Centre
Phone: (03) 5911 5400


20 x 2-hour sessions per program

Program: $300 ($15 per session). Assessment: $30
Please contact us for more information.
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