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Right Now - Online (Kew)

Right Now - Online (Kew)

An eight-week, body-based, recovery program to support women who have experienced interpersonal trauma, such as family violence, to heal and move into the future with confidence.

People who experience trauma in relationships can find it challenging to experience or maintain positive feelings and wellbeing states. They may also have difficulties managing stress or impulses. It’s common for survivors of trauma to feel anxious and unsettled, or disconnected from the world around them because of an imbalance of the nervous system, which affects emotions and behaviours.

Our evidence-informed group, Right Now, uses mindfulness and other non-verbal practices such as chair-based yoga to calm the mind, promote self-compassion and restore energy and a sense of peacefulness. The program also seeks to help you reconnect with feelings of pleasure, purpose and joy.

Program outline

The program will cover:

  • how chronic stress affects the nervous system
  • body-based soothing techniques to regulate the nervous system
  • trauma-sensitive yoga
  • mindfulness and visualisation
  • self-compassion and gratitude
  • support with how to improve your relationships
  • information about improving sleep
  • identifying your values and strengths, planning for the future and moving towards your best self.

Who can attend?

Women who have experienced interpersonal trauma, such as family violence, and are looking for strategies to help them heal.

Other information 

A brief intake assessment is required before attending this program. It is strongly recommended that participants attend individual counselling whilst taking part in this program. If you don’t have access to counselling, we can explore this in your intake session.

In order to participate in this program, you will need access to a private space, a Zoom account (free to sign up), and a mobile or desktop device with working visual and audio functions (this can be through headphones).

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Phone: (03) 9261 8700


8 x 1.5-hour sessions. No groups are currently scheduled.

Free of charge
Online (Zoom)
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