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Employee Assistance Program counselling

Employee Assistance Program counselling

Support your employees to access counselling through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We'll identify the needs of your workplaces and employees, and tailor services accordingly.

We can also support workplaces to develop and implement promotion strategies that enhance employees’ awareness of your EAP and the benefits to staff of using it, thereby increasing employees’ uptake of the program and reducing the hidden costs associated with unresolved stress, conflict and other issues affecting employee wellbeing and performance in the workplace.


EAP during COVID-19

The social and economic impacts of COVID-19, including stay-at-home restrictions, increased social isolation, and the ongoing uncertainty and anxiety related to the pandemic, have impacted the mental and physical health, productivity and finances of many employees.

Stress and anxiety are frequently being reported as reasons for seeking help. We have also supported employees with issues related to social connectedness and support, as these issues are often exacerbated by the challenges associated with working from home, such as technical difficulties, increased workloads and less frequent contact with employers. 


What can EAP help with?

EAP Counselling enables employees to access short-term, solution-focused counselling to manage work-related and personal issues that may be affecting their wellbeing and workplace performance. 

Employees commonly access EAP Counselling because of concerns relating to their work or personal lives. 

These issues can include:

  • workplace bullying
  • stress
  • insecurity or environment concerns
  • personal difficulties relating to:
    • health
    • marriage
    • relationships
    • family
    • emotional issues
    • drug or alcohol use
    • finances or legal issues. 

These issues can significantly impact an employee’s work performance due to stress, anxiety, depression, a lack of focus and the time used to deal with the issues (e.g., personal calls at work, repeated conversations with colleagues and managers, leave).


What’s the process?

Our counsellors work with clients to identify their primary concerns or issues affecting them, and then over a limited number of sessions together develop problem-solving strategies. 

Counselling sessions can take place at one of our centres across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Clients can usually specify if they would prefer a female or male counsellor.

Clients who have needs that extend beyond the scope of our EAP Counselling service, such as a severe mental illness, are supported to access additional support through warm referrals to appropriate agencies or services.


How confidential is EAP?

What employees talk about in EAP counselling is completely confidential, and in most cases employers do not know which employees have accessed the service, and instead receive a de-identified annual or bi-annual summary usage report to assist them to plan for the future and consider other workplace needs. In some cases, managers may refer employees to the service directly.


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