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20 different illustrations of the letter 'N' and the text 'Neighbours Every Day - Relationships Australia - Create Belonging'

Neighbours Every Day: Create Belonging

Launched in October 2022, Neighbours Every Day is the next evolution of Relationships Australia’s Neighbour Day social connection campaign, which has operated in Australia for over 20 years, promoting the benefits of well-connected and resilient communities.

The theme for Neighbours Every Day is 'Create Belonging' – a call to action for everyone in Australia to take everyday actions that create social connection and foster respectful relationships.

The campaign provides simple, practical tools to create belonging, each and every day of the year.

'Neighbour Day' will also continue on the last Sunday in March each year as an annual 'day of action'.

'Everywhere. Every day. Create Belonging', an illustration of a house shaped like the letter n. Neighbours Every Day and Relationships Australia logos
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