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Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) offers a range of specialised services to support you. Click on the tiles below to see how we can help.
Are you affected by family violence?
We are funded to provide a range of support and recovery services and programs for women and children who are affected by family violence.
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Child and family services
Supporting healthy relationships through early intervention services, programs in schools and headspace services.
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For couples, families and individuals, including children and young people. We also offer free support for anyone impacted by the East Gippsland bushfires.
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Disability Counselling and Support
Free support for people who have had violence, abuse, neglect and/or exploitation perpetrated against them, and those impacted by the Disability Royal Commission.
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Family dispute resolution (mediation)
Helping couples who are separating or divorcing, and adult family members, to resolve their family law disputes.
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Forced Adoption Support Service
Free, practical and emotional support for people affected by forced adoption.
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Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service
Free support for intercountry adoptees and their families, including, young adoptees, adult adoptees and adoptive parents.
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Multicultural programs
We celebrate cultural diversity and are committed to providing access to all our programs for all Victorians.
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Open Place
Free support for people who grew up in institutional care prior to 1990, also known as Forgotten Australians or Pre-1990 Care Leavers.
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Programs for men who use family violence
We offer Men’s Behaviour Change and Men’s Case Management programs and Repair-enting dads’ groups for men who use, or have used, family violence.
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Redress Support Services
Free and confidential support for anyone making, or considering making, an application through the National Redress Scheme.
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Workplace support and employee assistance programs
Helping to maintain and improve the health, functioning and productivity of employees and workplaces.
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