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Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) offers a range of specialised services to support you. Click on the tiles below to see how we can help.
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Are you affected by family violence?
We’re funded to provide free group programs for women who are affected by family violence. We can also support people of all genders through our general counselling service.
Two parents standing in a park with one of the parents holding their child on their back.
Child and family services
Supporting healthy relationships through early intervention services, programs in schools and headspace services.
Two people sitting on a couch together talking.
For couples, families and individuals, including children and young people.
A child on a swing pushed by their parents.
Family dispute resolution (mediation)
Helping couples who are separating or divorcing, and adult family members, to resolve their family law disputes.
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Forced Adoption Support Service
Free, practical and emotional support for people affected by forced adoption.
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Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service
Free support for intercountry adoptees and their families, including, young adoptees, adult adoptees and adoptive parents.
A man wearing a green shirt smiling while on the phone.
Mental health services
We work to support people of all ages, at many different stages with their mental health.
A big family sitting together on the ground.
Multicultural programs
We celebrate cultural diversity and are committed to providing access to all our programs for all Victorians.
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Open Place
Free support for people who grew up in institutional care prior to 1990, also known as Forgotten Australians or Pre-1990 Care Leavers.
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Programs for men who use family violence
We offer men’s behaviour change programs (MBCPs) and men’s case management programs for men who use, or have used, family violence. Additional support is available for men who have completed an MBCP.
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Redress Support Services
Free and confidential support for anyone making, or considering making, an application through the National Redress Scheme.
A man and a woman, seated indoors, having a friendly conversation. The man is Caucasian, with short, dark hair and a beard and wears a grey t-shirt under a khaki green jacket. The women is Caucasian with a shoulder length blond bob, and wears a dark, turtleneck top and a cream cardigan.
Relationship education programs
We offer relationship education courses and support groups to help individuals, couples and families connect with others and learn new skills.
A young woman wearing a green top smiling at the camera while someone reads off a piece of paper in the background.
Workplace support services
We can support a range of clients including private enterprise and government agencies, schools, community organisations and not-for-profit groups.

We offer a range of courses and groups to help you connect with others, learn new skills and access support. This includes child and parenting courses, courses for men who use family violence, relationships and wellbeing groups, schools programs, seniors courses, parenting after separation programs, and women's programs.

Our suite of professional learning offerings includes accredited training, customised training, training workshops, a webinar program, and self-paced courses.

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