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Workplace support services

We can support a range of clients including private enterprise and government agencies, schools, community organisations and not-for-profit groups.

Led by a diverse team of facilitators, with backgrounds in psychology, counselling, mediation and social work, we deliver in-person and online training and workplace support services designed to improve interpersonal relationships, promote effective communication, and resolve conflict.

Our training suite includes:

  • Conflict resolution, including mediation and conciliation services, for workplaces experiencing conflict between employees, managers, or members of governance committees.

  • Critical incident debriefing, including group debriefing, individual counselling and management training.

  • Customised workplace training sessions including workshops, webinars and self-paced courses, to meet the specific needs of workplaces.

  • Clinical supervision, for qualified counsellors, psychologists, social workers, family dispute resolution practitioners, mediators, and practitioners working in related fields.

  • Accredited training courses, for employees interested in advancing their skills and qualifications in family dispute resolution, mediation, and relationship counselling.

  • Tailored leadership or professional coaching services to help build the effectiveness of individuals, teams and workplaces.

  • 'Dads in the Workplace' programs to help organisations across Australia to support dads at work, and their families. These workshops are delivered through our Support for Fathers project.


Getting started

Read more about our services below or contact us today to discuss how we can support the needs of your workplace, organisation and employees.

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Read more about our services
An illustration of a mediator standing in the middle of two groups of people arguing.
Conflict resolution
We support workplaces that are currently experiencing or are likely to experience conflict between employees, managers or members of governance committees.
An illustration of three people sitting on chairs with speech bubbles above their heads.
Critical incident debriefing
We offer group debriefing, individual counselling and management training to help workplaces and organisations respond to critical incidents.
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Customised training
Talk to us about how our customised training solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace or organisation.
Two people sitting together at a desk working on a laptop.
Accredited training
Gain a nationally recognised skill set by enrolling in one of our accredited courses in family dispute resolution, relationship counselling, mediation, or integrative couple therapy.
Four people sitting at a table talking.
Clinical supervision
Our experienced supervisors are available to support qualified counsellors, psychologists, social workers, family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs), mediators, and practitioners working in related fields.
Dads in the workplace
Delivered through our Support for Fathers initiative, this program provides workshops and peer sessions to help employers support dads at work.
A woman sitting in a chair looking back and smiling.
Leadership coaching
We can provide tailored leadership or professional coaching services, led by qualified coaching staff, practitioners and professionals.
A woman sitting on her bed writing notes with her laptop open in front of her.
Self-paced courses
Our online, self-paced short courses are designed to help you to further your skills in your own time, from the comfort of your own workspace.
A group of people sitting together in a circle smiling.
Training workshops
We provide interactive, research and evidence-led workshops for professionals in the community, health and education sectors.
A man smiling as he sits at a table in front of an open laptop.
Webinar program
Learn from nationally and internationally renowned experts on a diverse range of topics relevant to private, corporate and government professionals and organisations.
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