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I like, like you

I like, like you

I like, like you: A healthy intimate relationships program for secondary schools

I like, like you (ILLY) is an early intervention relationships program that promotes the connection between healthy intimate relationships, and emotional health and wellbeing.

The whole-of-school program is delivered over three to four weeks, with a strong emphasis on violence prevention and mental health promotion. ILLY introduces adolescents to the knowledge, practical skills and attitudes that promote healthy, equitable and respectful relationships.

Topics can include:

  • what is intimacy
  • what a safe and healthy relationship looks like
  • how to identify when a relationship is not safe for you
  • attitudes that support and harm relationships
  • practical ways to maintain good mental health
  • how to manage the negatives and repair after conflict
  • technology safety and relationships
  • how to help yourself after a breakup
  • how to help a friend who is in an unsafe relationship.

I like, like you - Upper Primary (ILLY UP): A healthy relationships program for primary schools

ILLY UP is an adaptation of our successful and popular secondary school program, I like, like you.

It utilises a whole-of-school approach to promote the connection between healthy relationships and emotional health and wellbeing. Using a mixture of activities, games, and experiential exercises, the program focuses on the following themes:

  • Me: How to take care of yourself and identify what is a healthy relationship.
  • You: Practicing and learning about the skills and knowledge you need to communicate with people who are close to you.
  • Us: Being able to look after the ‘me’ and the ‘you’ together to create a healthy relationship

This program is designed to help children to develop healthy relationships with their friends, siblings, teachers, neighbours and parents. We believe that relationships involve three key parts…. a ME, a YOU and a US. In order to have a healthy relationship, we believe that all three parts need to be looked after.


ILLY for diverse communities and developmental life stages

The ILLY program’s strength lies in its flexibility. Its core idea in respect to the connection between emotional health and healthy relationships can be adapted to many age groups, developmental family stages and communities.

The program has been adapted for adolescents between 13-18 years; upper primary school students; students with a mild intellectual disability; young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and students who live in out of home care. The core ideas of the program will also be developed for post-natal parents, and couples.


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For more information about our ILLY or ILLY UP programs, including how they can be customised to meet the needs of your school and students:

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