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Introducing Our New Online Webinar Program



We’re pleased to introduce our brand-new webinar program featuring high-quality research and evidence-led content, presented by national and international clinicians, professionals, and experts.

Webinars will cover a multitude of current trends and topics, including relationship counselling, family dispute resolution, mediation, family relationships, family violence, and leadership and development.

This program is designed to complement the extensive range of accredited, professional and customised training offerings delivered by our Training and Development Team, which has been providing professional training for many years.

Inaugural Webinar: Healthy Relationships for Families, Communities and Workplaces

Presented by Dominic Alford, Support for Fathers Project Coordinator

Join our interactive webinar on 28 October 2020 and gain knowledge, practical advice, and strategies to build healthy relationships in your family, community and workplace. From prevention to intervention, we will discuss how healthy relationships can impact on family and domestic violence in Australia. We will also talk about the impact that COVID-19 is having on our world and share strategies to help you manage any relationship challenges that you may be experiencing during this difficult time.

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