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Self-Care Tips



As we enter 2021 and adapt to COVID Normal, many people may be experiencing a range of different emotions about the year that is to come.


While some emotions such as happiness and excitement will feel good, other feelings such as sadness, anxiety or grief may be harder to manage.

It’s important to know that these feelings are normal, but also to take steps to look after yourself and practice self-care.


Quick tips

  • Set boundaries between work and home life.
  • Write a daily or weekly plan for your self-care strategies.
  • Set a challenge for yourself and/or your family.
  • Connect with colleagues, friends, neighbours and family.
  • Exercise – walk, run or bike ride to help support your physical and mental health. Exercise helps to release tension and stress and boost your motivation and focus.
  • During the day, take breaks away from your screen, phone and workspace.
  • Daily meditation and mindfulness can support your mental health, assist with focus, and help you stay motivated.

For more strategies and resources, click here.

Need more support?

We’re here for you and are continuing to provide counselling and other services via telephone and video-conferencing appointments. Contact your nearest centre to find out how we can support you and make a counselling appointment today.

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