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Sustaining change after a men’s behaviour change program



We’re pleased to announce 3 new, online programs which will provide continued support for men who have completed a men’s behaviour change program (MBCP) with Relationships Australia Victoria in the past 6-12 months.

Our new programs include our 10-week ‘Sustain’ program, 8-week ‘Repair-enting’ group for dads, and individual sessions for men.

These programs are designed to:

  • support men in their ongoing learning journey with behaviour change and help them to continue implementing non-violent behaviours in their lives
  • build on the safety and accountability work that they began during their MBCP
  • work with men to identify and achieve their own behavioural goals related to safety values, beliefs and attitudes
  • explore fathering and teach men about effective ways to parent, and the impact of violence on children
  • assist men to move towards repairing their relationships with partners, children and family members, where safe and appropriate to do so.

Family safety is a vital part of these programs, so our family safety practitioners will contact participants’ family members to offer them support and assistance. We do this because people exposed to or affected by family violence also need support.


Family violence support

If you are affected by family violence (domestic violence) and feel unsafe right now, please call 000 (triple zero) immediately.

For 24/7 crisis support, contact:

Quick Exit