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ENRICH: A pre-marriage & pre-commitment program

If you and your partner have decided to marry or make a long-term commitment to each other, congratulations! Committing to a long-term relationship brings with it a range of challenging and exciting considerations.

Taking some time today to plan your future together, beyond the initial celebrations, can help give your relationship the strength to last.

PREPARE/ENRICH provides a relationship inventory and counselling to help you identify strengths and growth areas in your relationship.

The program aims to help you:

  • share different perspectives
  • find out more about each other’s values
  • strengthen your communication skills
  • compare your expectations of your life ahead together
  • explore ways to resolve conflict
  • set your individual and shared goals for the future.

By completing the program, you’ll have given each other a wonderful gift and made a great investment in your future.

Common topics include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Partner style and habits
  • Financial management
  • Leisure activities
  • Affection and sexuality
  • Family and friends
  • Relationship roles

How is the program provided?

First, we’ll send you and your partner a questionnaire each, to help you both think about all the different parts of your relationship, your life goals and your personal views and values. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

You’ll then attend 3 sessions together with a professional counsellor/educator, where you’ll learn more about the program, complete some basic relationship and safety assessments, and be supported to talk about your shared values, ideals, expectations and any issues that may need attention.

These sessions can be provided online or in-person at our centres in Ballarat, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine and Traralgon.

Who can attend?

We welcome couples of all ages, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds.

The program is customised for different life stages. We can support you and your partner if you are dating, engaged (living apart or together), married, planning to marry and have children from a previous relationship, or if you have been married/committed for some years and are seeking to strengthen your relationship.

This program is not appropriate for couples experiencing family violence.

View our family violence services page to learn more or contact your nearest centre to discuss a suitable alternative.

How much does it cost?

$300 per couple. Full payment is required before starting the program.

Our Ballarat Centre also offers this as a group program, for $250 per couple.

How do I get started?

To register for this program or find out more, please contact your nearest centre.


3 x 1-hour sessions, organised by appointment.

$300 per couple. Also available as a group program in Ballarat for $250 per couple. Full payment required before starting the program.
Online or in-person at our centres in Ballarat, Cranbourne, Greensborough, Kew, Sunshine or Traralgon
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