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Two parents holding both of their daughters hands.

Parenting After Separation Seminar program

Learn how separation and related conflict can impact children, and gain information and strategies to help your children adjust.

What will you learn?

The program includes 3 core sections and optional electives.

1. Self-care

Topics include:

  • dealing with loss
  • practical self-care for busy parents
  • diet and exercise
  • dealing with drug/alcohol challenges
  • emotional and spiritual resources and mindfulness
  • the rebound relationship
  • self-care resources and referrals.

2. Co-parenting

Topics include:

  • co-parenting goals
  • dealing with difficult communication
  • 'Brief, Informative, Firm and Friendly' messages
  • business type relationships
  • 'when all else fails'
  • co-parenting tips from experienced mediators and researchers.

3. Being attentive to children’s needs

Topics include:

  • understanding children's needs
  • managing difficult behaviours and emotions
  • different parenting styles
  • impacts of separation on children’s behaviour
  • an interview with 2 experienced child consultants.


This section offers optional but recommended content on communication, conflict management, and family therapy.


This program runs regularly throughout the year.

$150 (or $100 for health care card holders)

What's involved?

The program includes 4 steps.

1. Registration

Bookings are essential.

Register online

2. Online learning

After you register, we’ll send you instructions on how to access our online learning management system.

The online self-paced learning typically takes 8-9 hours to complete.

It includes presentations, interviews, quizzes, reflection exercises and other learning modes designed to support parents to co-parent more effectively.

You’ll have access to the online content for 4 months from the date of purchase and will also receive a workbook that will guide you through the program.

3. Group discussion

A brief assessment is completed before you participate in an online, 2-hour, small group discussion. You can book this discussion through the learning management system.

We run weekly morning and lunchtime group discussions regularly between February and mid-December.

Please note: We do not offer evening or weekend sessions.

Sessions fill up quickly, so we recommend booking early to secure your place.

4. Certificate of completion

Once you have completed the online learning and group discussion, you will receive a certificate. For court-ordered participants, this will satisfy requirements for Court Orders.

Contact us

If you have questions about the program, please contact our Melbourne Family Relationship Centre.


Evaluation results 

  • 90% of parents learned new skills to use in their co-parenting relationship.
  • 90.27% of parents had had a greater understanding of their child(ren)'s behaviour and emotions.
  • 93.7% of parents were satisfied with the program.
  • 91.7% of parents had an increased understanding of self-care.


Participant feedback

  • 'It opened my eyes up around co-parenting and how the children also view the relationship between the parents.'
  • 'Hearing about experiences in a safe environment over Zoom is helpful.'
  • 'I thought the course was exceptional. Realised it was put together in COVID-19. We were able to share things that were helpful.'
  • ‘I’m not alone – others are going through this – and you can come out the other side.’
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