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Single Session Contact with Grieving Clients

The first client session can have the greatest influence on outcomes. Gain skills and strategies to effectively use the limited time available in single session contact with grieving clients. 

Single Session Thinking (SST) is a therapeutic approach which has evolved on the premise that the first psychotherapy session is potentially the most therapeutic and has the greatest influence on outcomes. It also operates on the assumption that the first session may be the only session that the client attends.  

Whilst this approach may not suit all individuals, research has found that the most common length of psychotherapy in Australia is a single session.   

This webinar will explore the specific challenges presented when working with grieving clients in single session contact.

Learning outcomes

In this webinar, participants will gain:  

  1. foundational knowledge of the key features of Single Session and specific approaches to working with grieving clients 
  2. an understanding of the strengths and difficulties of utilising Single Session Thinking with grieving clients 
  3. basic skills to translate knowledge of Single Session Thinking into practice when working with grieving clients.

Ideal for

Professionals who deliver brief therapy services to grieving clients, including community organisation workers, school staff, health professionals, youth workers, child and family workers, clinicians, and counsellors.

About the presenter

Lefteris is a counselling psychologist, and a lecturer in psychology and counselling at Monash University. As a psychologist, Lefteris has worked extensively with clients with issues relating to migration, grief, trauma and LGBTQIA+ identities. He has also worked with clients experiencing mental health issues, court-ordered parents and their children, and individuals and couples pursuing artificial reproductive treatment. Lefteris has a particular research interest in the wellbeing, grief and belonging of LGBTQIA+ young people, as well as adults and migrant populations.

Lefteris is the course leader of the Master of Counselling at Monash University, one of the largest courses offered by the university. It is offered in Australia (on-campus and online), and in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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This webinar was recorded in February 2024.


This 1.5 hour pre-recorded webinar can be accessed at any time.

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