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Supporting Parents and their Families Following the Loss of a Baby

Tailored post-bereavement care is crucial for parents and families who have experienced pregnancy loss or the death of their baby/ies.

In this webinar, Bereavement Midwife Eliza Strauss will help practitioners to understand the complexities of perinatal grief and bereavement, and how perinatal loss impacts parents and families. 

‘Perinatal’ refers to the period covering pregnancy and up to a year post-pregnancy or post-birth. 

Eliza will highlight: 

  • the challenges for parents and their families following perinatal loss 
  • why memory-making is an important part of the grief process 
  • examples of best-practice bereavement care.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this webinar, participants will have an understanding of: 

  1. perinatal grief and how it differs from other forms of grief 
  2. different types of perinatal loss, including miscarriage, ending a pregnancy, stillbirth and neonatal death 
  3. challenges for bereaved parents 
  4. how to define and translate what ‘parent-centred' care means and why it’s important in the context of perinatal loss 
  5. how to enhance parenting experiences by illustrating examples of memory-making opportunities.

Ideal for

Health and community practitioners and individual counsellors and therapists.

About the presenter

Eliza Strauss is a bereavement midwife and Founder of The Perinatal Loss Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Eliza founded The Perinatal Loss Centre with Dr Renee Miller, Perinatal Psychologist, to provide perinatal loss education and support to families and health professionals who work closely with bereaved parents following a pregnancy loss or after the death of their baby/babies.

She established and continues to run the Bereavement Support Program at her workplace which supports families following a perinatal loss.

Eliza holds qualifications in nursing, midwifery, and bereavement counselling and intervention, and she has enjoyed a combined career in Nursing and Midwifery for over 30 years.

In 2018, Eliza was awarded the National ’Excellence in Bereavement Care Award’ by the Australian College of Midwives for her work in the area of perinatal loss in a maternity hospital setting.

Eliza believes that every family should receive best-practice, quality bereavement care at every point in the painful trajectory of loss and grief. Her passion lies in educating other health care professionals to equip them with the tools necessary to care for these vulnerable families at a devastating time in their lives.

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This webinar was recorded in August 2023.


This 1.5 hour pre-recorded webinar can be accessed at any time.

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