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Partners - A guide to successful relationships

This booklet provides information and tips to help couples seeking to build a successful relationship.


Topics include:

  • What is a fulfilling adult relationship?
  • How do I find out what my partner's relationship and life needs are?
  • What sort of issues usually need to be discussed in intimate relationships?
  • Do we make time to talk about how our relationship is going?
  • How can I encourage my partner to communicate more openly?
  • Why should I be the one to make the effort?
  • How can I change my relationship?
  • What is good for relationships?
  • How can I improve the relationship I am in?
  • What are some of the warning signs of relationship problems?
  • When is it a good time to get professional help?
  • What if the signs of conflict in my relationship are more serious?
  • Where can a couple get professional advice?
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Are printed booklets available?

We can provide a small quantity of free, printed copies for individual or not-for-profit use and additional copies are available to purchase for a small fee.

How do I request a free hard copy?

If you are based in Victoria, please email our Communications and Marketing team.

If you live in another state or territory, please contact your closest Relationships Australia centre to enquire about booklets.


How do I purchase extra hard copies for my organisation?

Booklets can be purchased directly from our printing company Openbook Howden. To get started, please email the company or phone them on 08 8124 0006.

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