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Preview images of the 10 resource booklets on this page about separation, family violence, relationships and parenting


Relationships Australia has produced a range of resource booklets which provide advice about relationships, parenting, separation and divorce, family dispute resolution (mediation), and family violence.

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Women and separation - Managing new horizons

Useful information and resources for women going through separation.

Men and separation - Navigating the future

Highlights the decisions men may face when going through separation and the support options available to them.

Safe from violence - A guide for women leaving or separating

Information and resources to help women understand the nature of violence in relationships and guide them through separation.

The front cover of the booklet which shows the text 'Safe from violence - a guide for women leaving or separating', an illustration of hands reaching down to pull a woman out of choppy water, and the Relationships Australia logo

Renovate your relationship - A manual for men

Provides 13 tools to help men with the practical side of relationship maintenance.

The front cover of the booklet which shows the text 'Renovate your relationship - a manual for men', a man performing woodwork, and the Relationships Australia logo

Share the care - Collaborative parenting apart

A tool to help separating parents to draw up a written agreement covering practical issues of parental responsibility.

A fair share - Negotiating your property settlement

Useful information about dividing up property after separation.

What about the children?

Helps parents to support their children through the process of separation.

Why am I going to Relationships Australia?

Helps children to understand what happens in child inclusive practice in family mediation.

On being a dad

Provides support for fathers, regardless of their parenting situation, to find their own path to being a dad.

Partners - A guide to successful relationships

Information and tips to help couples seeking to build a successful relationship.

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