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Presentations, webinars and publications

We're committed to knowledge sharing and contributing to sector-wide continuous improvement. We regularly share our research and evaluation learnings at conferences and events and through webinars and podcasts.

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2023-24 to date

Webinar: How developmental evaluation can be used to develop and adapt social service programs (13 March 2024)


  • Alford D (16 May 2023) ‘Engaging fathers in the first 1000 days’ [conference presentation], FRSA National Conference, Queensland.

  • Bickerdike A (18 November 2022) ‘The “unheard”: children of separating parents’, ANU Family Law Research Symposium, Canberra.

  • Goldstein A (27 July 2022) ‘The challenges for engaging men who use violence’ [conference presentation] ANROWS Focus on Men Who Use Violence Conference, Victoria.

  • Goldstein A (2 March 2023) ‘Working with clients to promote behaviour change’, Mental Health Professionals Network meeting, Caulfield, Victoria

  • Heard G and Bickerdike A (November 2022) ‘Failure to launch: barriers to initiating property FDR,’ ANU Family Law Symposium, Canberra.

  • Heard G, Lindstrom J, Velasquez-Tan M, Hayes L, Moran C, Tom L and Bishop L (16 May 2023) ‘Lawyer-assisted family dispute resolution: addressing barriers to participation through a partnership model’ [conference presentation], FRSA National Conference, Queensland.

  • Moore R (16 May 2023) ‘FDR services and mental health’, Mental Health Professionals Network meeting, Online for professionals across Australia.

  • Opoku S, Laidlaw B & Gilbert N (20 June 2023) ‘A collaborative approach to strengthening family relationships in the City of Yarra’, OPEN Forum, Victoria.

  • Plavljanic D and March A (16 May 2023) ‘Mediating with rainbow families’ [conference presentation], FRSA National Conference, Queensland.

  • Plavljanic D (17 May 2023) ‘Working with a correctional cohort: Maintaining healthy and respectful relationships’ [conference presentation], FRSA National Conference, Queensland.

  • Smyth BM, Althor G and Heard G (17 May 2023) ‘Post-separation parenting smartphone apps: risks and benefits’ [symposium], FRSA National Conference, Queensland.
  • Burns A & Keeble B (hosts) (17 May 2023) ‘Dom Alford – Support for Fathers’ [podcast], Dads Group Podcast, Spotify, accessed 9 June 2023.

  • Kendall, J (host) (14 November 2022) ‘The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on divorce rates in Australia’ [radio program], Mornings, ABC, accessed 14 November 2022.

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