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Previous research and evaluation projects


In partnership with the Monash University Centre for Health Research and Implementation, we published a joint rapid review in a leading international family violence journal, Trauma, Violence & Abuse on on MBCP content, implementation and impact on participant and family outcomes internationally.

Despite limited evidence, positive changes reported as a result of MBCPs included to communication, parenting, interpersonal relationships, aggression, abuse, responsibility for behaviour, self-awareness, power and control tactics, empathy, skills development, cognitive beliefs, behaviour control and abusiveness patterns.

The research has resulted in recommendations for current and future attention on the further development of MBCPs, staff engagement and additional research into the impact of the programs.

Read more on page 13 of our 2019/20 annual report.

Our collaborative relationship with Victoria University continued in 2019/20 as a study of the use and misuse of communication technologies in post-separation parenting. This year, we completed the first phase of this project, which was a prevalence survey of separated parents attending RAV’s FRCs about their use of 11 different kinds of technology including email, SMS, instant messenger, social networking sites, online learning and video calls.

Read more on page 14 of our 2019/20 Annual Report

In late 2018, Relationships Australia released research entitled ‘Is Australia experiencing an epidemic of loneliness?’ which identifies which Australians are most likely to feel lonely and socially isolated, and when. The research, which is based on the findings from 16 waves of Household Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia survey data from 2001-2016, reveals that one in 10 Australians lack social support and one in six is experiencing emotional loneliness.

Read the report

This 4-year study with La Trobe University, funded by the Australian Research Council, investigated the impact of family violence on the FDR process.

Outcomes of the research have been disseminated and discussed, including through the publication of a peer-reviewed research paper in the Australian Institute of Family Studies Family Matters journal.

  • Cleak H and Bickerdike A (2016) 'One way or many ways: screening for family violence in family mediation', Family Matters (98), pp. 16–25.

  • Cleak H et al (2018) 'Screening for Partner Violence Among Family Mediation Clients: Differentiating Types of Abuse,' Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 33(7), pp. 1118–1146.

The research has attracted international interest, including from academic institutions and policymakers, and it continues to influence models of practice for working with clients affected by family violence.

Read more on page 35 of our 2016/17 Annual Report

Relationships Australia conducts regular research projects, partners with universities and has run surveys throughout the year on topics of relevance to our clients and all Australians.

View the Relationships Australia National research database.

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