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For professionals

Information for professionals and service providers

We are committed to providing services in ways that meet the needs of our clients.

Across our organisation and in many of our specific services, we work closely and collaboratively with professionals and other service providers. Information on our referral and intake processes is provided below, along with our training and professional development opportunities, workplace support services, and free resources for professionals. We also share information on our research and evaluation activities, which we undertake to ensure the effectiveness of our services, and to contribute to organisational and sector-wide practice improvements.

Referral and intake information
Referrals are not needed to access our services. However, we welcome warm referrals from other organisations, professionals and service providers where this will support clients. The following information sheets are designed for professionals who would like more information about referrals, intakes, and some of the specialised client groups who we support.

Research and evaluation

Our services are guided by a focus on evidence-based practice and we’re committed to undertaking targeted research in areas that impact our clients and influence the sector and government.

We regularly collect feedback, measure client outcomes, evaluate service effectiveness and use this data and feedback to improve our services.

We also encourage you to access and share our free research summaries which detail the outcomes of key projects and initiatives relating to our services, clients and community needs.

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Professional training and development
We are a specialised training provider, with delivery experience in higher education, vocational education, professional development and customised training and resource development, with a high degree of client satisfaction and return business, over many years. We offer research and evidence-led training services across family dispute resolution, mediation, couple therapy, relationship counselling and family violence. For more information, click on the blue tiles below.
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Accredited training
Gain a nationally recognised skill set by enrolling in one of our accredited courses in family dispute resolution, relationship counselling, mediation, or integrative couple therapy.
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Clinical supervision
Our experienced supervisors are available to support qualified counsellors, psychologists, social workers, family dispute resolution practitioners (FDRPs), mediators, and practitioners working in related fields.
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Customised training
Talk to us about how our customised training solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace or organisation.
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Leadership coaching
We can provide tailored leadership or professional coaching services, led by qualified coaching staff, practitioners and professionals.
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Self-paced courses and free micro-courses
Our online, self-paced courses are designed to help you to further your skills in your own time, from the comfort of your own workspace.
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Specialised training programs
We support dads and men through our Support for Fathers project and Men Being Well program, as well as through our general counselling, family dispute resolution, family violence and group programs. We also provide specialised rehabilitation and reintegration programs for Victorian correctional cohorts.
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Training workshops
We provide interactive, research and evidence-led workshops for professionals in the community, health and education sectors.
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Webinar program
Learn from nationally and internationally renowned experts on a diverse range of topics relevant to private, corporate and government professionals and organisations.
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Workplace mediation
We help to facilitate open discussions between employees, supporting them to defuse difficult situations and resolve disagreements.

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