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For the past two years we’ve played a lead role through our Melbourne Family Relationship Centre in Yarra Communities that Care, a community-led effort made up of over 24 local partner agencies which focuses on supporting the healthy development of children and young people aged eight to 14 in the City of Yarra.

Since program delivery commenced in July 2017, we’ve co-coordinated and helped to deliver 18 Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens parenting programs in local primary and secondary schools.

Backed by evidence-based research, both programs help parents to better understand and connect with their children, focusing on developing key skills to recognise and respond to children’s and teen’s emotions and behaviour and manage conflict.

We’ve partnered with eight schools and four community centres to deliver the program across the City of Yarra, to 130 parents of more than 300 children and young people. Of the 18 programs delivered, nine have been tailored to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

A newly-released Evaluation Report: Tuning in to Kids and Tuning in to Teens includes overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, with parents consistently indicating that they would recommend the program to other parents.

  • ‘I changed my perspective on the relationships I have with my daughter. I am now aware of my role in the dynamics between us.’ Parent in Tuning in to Teens 2017
  • ‘We were being drawn apart and now we are connected and tuned in to each other. It’s been amazing for both of us.’ Parent in Tuning in to Kids (CALD) 2018
  • ‘Really important to share experiences and remember that you’re not alone.’ Parent in Tuning in to Teens 2018
  • ‘Every parent should do this. Being given the opportunity to reflect on my [parenting] style and make changes has made me a more confident and happier parent.’ Parent in Tuning in to Teens 2019

Visit the Yarra Communities that Care website to learn more about how the project is strengthening family relationships.

Watch a video featuring interviews with participants and program staff.

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