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Celebrating Victoria’s multicultural diversity



Victoria has one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world, with 49.1 per cent born overseas or born in Australia with at least one parent born overseas, 26 per cent speaking a language other than English at home, and 59 per cent following one or more than 130 different faiths (2016 Census).

During Cultural Diversity Week, which this year runs from 19 to 27 March, Victorians come together to celebrate multicultural diversity and recognise the ways in which we can continue to build inclusive and respectful communities.

This event also coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March), Harmony Day (21 March) and Harmony Week (21 to 27 March 2022) in Australia.

Relationships Australia Victoria celebrates cultural diversity and provides a number of programs for culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians, including our upcoming Tuning in to Kids for Afghan Dads program in Cranbourne.

During Cultural Diversity Week, we’ll be celebrating the cultural diversity present within our workforce, sharing information with our staff and posting on our social media channels about ways to get involved in the celebrations.


How you can get involved in Cultural Diversity Week

  1. Attend an event in your local area.

  2. Celebrate the achievements and contributions of Victorians who arrived as refugees or asylum seekers, and discover individuals and organisations who are strengthening multiculturalism in Victoria.

  3. Watch pre-recorded conversations exploring the theme ‘What does multicultural Victoria look like in 2030?’ in relation to media, workforce diversity, First Nations peoples, refugee advocacy, justice, local government and youth.

  4. Join the diversity conversation online by following @multiculturevic on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and using any of the following hashtags: #CDW2022 #ConnectingThroughCulture #CelebrateVic #MulticulturalVic #StrengthenOurCommunity


Ways to challenge racism and build more inclusive communities

  1. Find out what to do if you see or experience racism. If you think you or somebody else may be in danger, call the police on 000 (triple zero).

  2. Learn about racism, privilege, unconscious bias and how you can a good ally.

  3. Understand how people are impacted by common racial microaggressions, such as assumptions about how well someone speaks a language, hair-touching without consent and questions about cultural identity.

  4. Avoid asking ‘Where are you from?’ and learn how to navigate questions of race and identity in an appropriate way.

  5. Advocate for cultural diversity training to be provided in your workplace via online learning and/or by paying a culturally and linguistically diverse consultant.

  6. Raise your kids to be conscious of race.

  7. Celebrate and support cultural diversity in your community, by engaging with events such as the Victorian Multicultural Film Festival and other cultural celebrations and advocacy events throughout the year. Subscribing to your local council newsletter is a great way to hear about what’s happening in your area.
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