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Midsumma’s Virtual Stalls are LIVE



We're excited to start the year off in solidarity with LGBTIQA+ communities, as we get involved with the Midsumma Festival, Australia's premier queer arts and cultural festival.


We are committed to inclusivity and providing safe and accessible services for all people, including LGBTIQA+ Australians, and are glad to support the Midsumma Festival as part of this.

In previous years, we have hosted a face-to-face stall at the Midsumma Carnival, however due to the impact of COVID-19, we have joined Midsumma’s Virtual Stalls in 2021, along with hundreds of other community and LGBTQIA+ organisations and businesses.


How do the virtual stalls work?

Inside the Virtual Stalls Map (best accessed on your PC for full interactive experience) you can discover LGBTQIA+ organisations, groups and businesses, as well as supporting businesses and organisations who support and serve our communities year-round.

To use this map, hover over the icons to explore who's in our virtual world and what's on offer for Midsumma Festival 2021, you may even find some free ticket treasures!

This map was designed as a community project to help connect these groups, businesses and organisations connect to you in a virtual world, until we can be together for Midsumma Carnival again, hopefully in 2022.

If you need assistance to navigate your way around the virtual map on the Midsumma Festival’s site, you can find help text by clicking the Information icon. If you have any questions for Midsumma, or one of the groups on this page, get in touch by finding the Question Mark icon.

*Mobile and iPad will support a text version for these users.


Contact us

We welcome LGBTIQA+ individuals, couples and families to our centres.

Contact your nearest centre to find out how we can support you, or if you have a suggestion on how we can make our services more LGBTIQA+ friendly, please email us.

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