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Remote family dispute resolution during and after COVID-19: Client and practitioner perspectives



15 February 2023

We’re proud to launch the first in a series of research and evaluation summaries. They are designed to share the outcomes of key projects and initiatives relating to our services, clients and community needs. 

A preview image of a 2-page PDF research summary

This first summary focuses on the perspectives of family dispute resolution (FDR) clients and practitioners during and after COVID-19. It highlights the advantages and challenges of remote family dispute resolution, as well as the learnings that can be considered by Relationships Australia Victoria and the sector more broadly. 

When COVID-19 broke out in Victoria in early 2020, governments implemented severe restrictions on personal interactions, making face-to-face, ‘business as usual’ family dispute resolution service delivery impossible. 

In order to continue to help separating couples to resolve their parenting and property matters, we made a rapid and wholesale shift to remote delivery via telephone and videoconferencing. We consequently evaluated the remote delivery of our COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 FDR services. 

This easy-to-read, 2-page summary shares the key findings of our 2022 Family Court Review article, ‘Remote family dispute resolution services for COVID and post-COVID times: client and practitioner perspectives'. 

We’re committed to undertaking research that supports and informs service delivery and government, and we believe that this summary will be a useful and accessible tool for professionals across the family law and social services sectors. 

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