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Supporting Separated Dads

Gain knowledge, insights, and practical strategies to support separating dads.

It can be hard to know how best to support and engage dads going through the separation process.

When professionals understand the trauma response that separation can cause, and the life cycle of the separation process, they can more effectively support dads during this vulnerable life stage.

Join our interactive panel discussion and hear from family services experts on what works best when supporting separating dads.

Learning outcomes

During this panel discussion, you’ll:  

  • gain an understanding of the trauma response dads often experience when going through separation and how to support them. 
  • learn about the life cycle of the separation process from dads’ perspectives.  
  • explore some of the challenges that often arise when working with people who are separating.   
  • hear stories and learnings from the panel about engaging dads. 

Ideal for

A range of workers in community organisations, social services, schools or businesses who support or work with separating dads.

About the panellists 

Dominic Alford is the Project Coordinator of Relationships Australia Victoria’s Support for Fathers Project. This national initiative provides dads and father-figures with options and information about fatherhood, their relationship with their partner and connecting with their kids; and supports professionals who work with dads. It’s funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through national family violence funding. 

Over the past 6 years, Dom through the Support for Fathers project has been highlighting the role of men as fathers in the prevention of family violence through resource development, community groups, information sessions, conference presentations and workshops for communities, professionals and services. Dom has worked extensively in the welfare sector, with 15 years of experience in child protection, family services, foster care, parent education and teaching. To learn more about the Support for Fathers project, visit

Pete Nicholls is the CEO of Parents Beyond Breakup, an Australian charity that supports parents experiencing trauma related to family breakdown and separation. Pete is currently pursuing a lifelong passion to lead in the charity sector (suicide prevention). Parents Beyond Breakup strives to keep separated parents happy, because they believe alienated parents encounter challenges, including – stress, depression, loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness.  

As a separated dad, he has over 23 years’ experience of parental separation. Pete's greatest driver is that of ensuring that every mum and dad stays alive and in their kids’ lives.

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