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What Works for Men? Engaging Men in Prevention

Gain knowledge, insights, practical advice and strategies to engage men in prevention of family violence.

It can be challenging to engage men in the prevention of family violence, however such an approach is crucial in supporting a more inclusive and effective way to prevent family violence.  

It not only helps to prevent violence but also contributes to the broader goals of promoting healthy relationships, gender equality, and a safer, more equitable society for everyone. 

Engaging men in family violence prevention can be difficult because of a range of factors, such as: 

  • societal norms and gender stereotypes 
  • defensive reactions 
  • lack of awareness 
  • fear of stigmatisation 
  • cultural and religious factors. 

Join our upcoming panel discussion to learn how to combat these challenges and impact positive change. 

You will hear from experts across the family violence, respectful relationships and community services sectors about what works and what doesn't when engaging men in family violence prevention. 

Learning outcomes

During this webinar, you’ll: 

  • gain an understanding of why it’s critical to engage men in primary prevention of family violence 
  • learn how to engage effectively with men from a range of different communities and backgrounds 
  • explore some of the key challenges involved in this work  
  • hear stories and learnings from programs that are engaging men effectively.

About the panellists

Dominic Alford is the Project Coordinator of Relationships Australia Victoria’s Support for Fathers project. This national initiative provides dads and father-figures with options and information about fatherhood, their relationship with their partner and connecting with their kids; and supports professionals who work with dads. It’s funded by the Australian Government through national family violence funding. Over the past 6 years, Dom through the Support for Fathers project has been highlighting the role of men as fathers in the prevention of family violence through resource development, community groups, information sessions, conference presentations and workshops for communities, professionals and services. Dom has worked extensively in the welfare sector, with 15 years of experience in child protection, family services, foster care, parent education and teaching. To learn more about the Support for Fathers project, visit

Michael Wilson is a researcher focused on men’s mental health and suicide prevention, based at Orygen at the University of Melbourne. Since 2018 he has worked across a number of research projects focused on adolescent masculinity, improving training for mental health practitioners around engaging and responding to help-seeking men, and understanding risk and protective factors associated with suicidal thoughts and behaviours in men. He has published 35 peer-reviewed research articles across these topics and presented widely on men’s mental health and suicide prevention at a range of national conferences and forums. His current research focuses on understanding men’s risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours following relationship breakdown, and the role of intimate relationships in suicide prevention. He is passionate about amplifying the stories surrounding men’s experiences of help-seeking and recovery from suicidality, alongside ensuring better representation of diverse groups of men in suicide prevention research.

Simon Santosha is the Managing Director of Men and Family Counselling and Consultancy on the Gold Coast. He specialises in working with men using a strength-based, male-focused approach that helps men to stay engaged and actively involved in the counselling process. Simon advocates for early intervention and support for men and fathers, particularly during critical periods such as separation, to improve outcomes for men, their families and the broader community. Simon’s vast experience in working with and engaging men from diverse backgrounds has made him a sought-after trainer and presenter, delivering training to various government, non-government and community organisations across Australia. Simon is passionate about creating change, preventing harm and building the capacity of practitioners and organisations to effectively engage and work with men and fathers.

Ideal for

A range of workers in community organisations, social services, schools or businesses who want to engage men in preventing family violence. 

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