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New Manager of Evaluation and Social Impact appointed



We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Manager of Evaluation and Social Impact, with Sandra Opoku taking on the role. 

This new role is responsible for leading impact, evaluation and innovation activities related to our strategic goals and commitment to supporting Victorians through effective and clinically robust programs. 

Research and evaluation are at the heart of our response and prevention services – from evidence-informed program design and delivery through to outcomes measurement. We have a long history of electing to undertake research and evaluation activities, and this new position will help to enhance and expand our capacity in this area. 

In addition to regularly evaluating our own services to ensure positive population impact, we both lead and participate in a range of research projects designed to identify client and societal needs and enhance the knowledge base of the family and relationship services sector. 

Sandra is highly skilled in developing program logic, theory of change and practical outcome measurement frameworks, and conducting program-specific evaluations across the sector. She is passionate about demonstrating social impact and improving client outcomes through the application of evidence-informed decision-making. 

Sandra’s expertise and leadership will enable our organisation to continue to undertake meaningful research and evaluation activities and meet key strategic goals and objectives relating to ‘Leading Practice’, 'Evidence Base and Practice Improvement’, and ‘Prevention Strategies’.  

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