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I like, like you: A healthy relationships program for schools

I like, like you: A healthy relationships program for secondary schools

Relationships influence us across our life span and play a crucial role in growth and development. Childhood and early adolescence represents a critical opportunity for prevention interventions and to promote healthy relationships.

Relationships Australia Victoria is pleased to provide ‘I like, like you’ (ILLY), an innovative early intervention and prevention program for year 7-10 students.

The program aims to address the underlying factors that contribute to violence against women, and promote healthy relationships and emotional health and wellbeing.


About the curriculum

  • Based on the principle of gender equality and designed to promote the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours demonstrated by healthy and safe relationships.
  • Strongly emphasises social emotional intelligence and the gendered nature of family violence.
  • Includes content for parents.
  • Takes a whole-of-school approach.
  • Engages young people with age-appropriate strategies to challenge gendered stereotypes and historical perceptions and expressions of masculinity.
  • Engages teachers and wellbeing staff in sessions so that they can model behaviours, reinforce learnings and help further development of students’ attitudes, behaviours and skills.


Topics can include:

  • Safe and healthy relationships
  • What is good about being in a relationship
  • Looking after yourself
  • Personal boundaries and your rights
  • How to enjoy being in a relationship and still be yourself
  • How to work out conflict and repair after arguments
  • How to help yourself after a break-up
  • What to do if a friend is in an unhealthy relationship


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